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Cirepil Tattoo Hard Wax

Q: Is this Cirépil Boudoir?

A: This is not Cirépil Boudoir – Cirépil Boudoir was a wax that facilitated a new wax treatment: tattoo waxing. Due to its incredible success, Perron Rigot’s R&D were inspired to create the first ever patented TATTOO WAX.

Q: How does this wax compare to other waxes?

A: There is no comparison – Cirépil Tattoo Wax was created and designed to help you make more money and generate new clients by offering new services - a niche product to perform a niche service!

Q: What makes tattoo wax exfoliating?

A: Waxing is a mechanical process of exfoliation; however exfoliation alone does not ensure a brighter tattoo. This formula was clinically tested and proven in an independent laboratory to perform as a combination of exfoliation and hydration, making a tattoo brighter. Not all waxes hydrate and brighten a tattoo.

Q: Is this wax also good to remove hair?

A: Yes, of course. Use it as a Tattoo Prep (removing hair prior to a Tattoo service), Tattoo Maintenance (brightening older/dull tattoos) or simply use it in your regular wax services. It's versatile! Created with sensitive skin in mind, Cirépil Tattoo Wax can be used on all areas of the body and all hair types.

Q: What ingredient makes it hydrate?

A: Clinically proven Cocos Nucifera (coconut oil) provides hydrating results. Cirépil Tattoo Wax has been dermatologically tested and is great for sensitive skin.

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