Epillyss Wax

Epillyss Wax

Epillyss Advanced Depilatory Solutions for the waxing professional is a complete line of quality depilatories, pre & post waxing solutions, and home care products for your clients. Epillyss is made in Canada using the finest natural ingredients. Through their tried and tested performance, Epillyss products have proven to be the number one choice of professionals across Canada for the past 20+ years.

Epillyss features a unique selection of hair removal waxes allowing aestheticians to choose a product best-suited to their experience, skill and clientele. Every esthetician has unique skills and techniques, therefore, each will have a preferred type of wax.

All of our waxes have different characteristics - whether in their active ingredients, melting temperatures or the synergy of essential oils they contain. Each wax meets specific needs based on the area to be treated, skin type, skill and speed of the esthetician. Even ambient room temperature where the treatment is taking place is taken into consideration. Epillyss products are not tested on animals.

Épillyss waxes have exceptional properties that will guarantee your clients’ satisfaction. Bioresin C3 gives the wax a more liquid consistency, while ensuring maximum adherence to hair and minimal adherence to skin. This effectively reduces client discomfort and allows for a more efficient waxing service. Furthermore, our waxes do not leave behind a sticky residue on the skin that needs to be removed with oil. Say goodbye to painful hair removal treatments that require clients to go home and wash off! Discover the difference Epillyss will make in your hair removal services.

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