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2018 Dermascope ACA FinalistBody sugaring is a gentle hair removal method that lightly exfoliates dead skin cells while removing hair, leaving the skin smooth, soft and silky. It's important to choose the formulation that will suit you; your choice will be done largely depending on the temperature of your hand and room climate. As the application is done with the fingertips, a colder hand (and room) will require a more flexible paste (as with the Supple Sugar), while warmer hands (and a warmer/humid room) will require a harder paste (as with the Hard Sugar). The Epillyss Sugar Paste may be used on all areas of the body and all hair and skin types. Since it's applied and removed with your hand, it does not require disposable sticks, muslin or pellon strips. Use Nitrile Gloves to facilitate application.

The sugar paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed in the same direction as hair growth. This results in a significant reduction of ingrown hairs since there's less trauma to the hair follicle and less chance of hair breakage. Training is required for body sugaring since it must be demonstrated and practiced before performing professional services.

  • Available in:
    - suited for a more experienced professional and for use on larger areas such as legs, back, and arms
  • 35 oz microwavable container
  • Excellent for sensitive skin and all hair types (ideally 1/8" - 1/4" hair length)
  • 100% natural - no additives, colors, preservatives, or fragrance
  • Water-soluble - easy cleanup

100% Natural Ingredients:

Sugar, lemon juice, and water

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