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We're excited to have been nominated again for the 2016 Dermascope Aestheticians' Choice Awards! Many of you purchase your wax applicators with us. And now, our wax applicators (an essential tool in waxing!) have been nominated for the Best Hair Removal Implement category. Last year, we were nominated and featured as a Favorite Hair Removal Accessory with the Zestasol Wax Cleaner (definitely an essential item to have on hand in your salon & spa). Additionally, we're excited that Epillyss has been nominated again for Favorite Soft (Strip) Wax. Epillyss won the 2015 Aetheticians' Choice Award for Favorite Soft Wax, so let's make it a...

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Icy Facial Globes - Check Out This Cool Tool!


Effective. Refreshing. Simple. Enhance your skin care services with versatile, easy to use Magic Globes. Estheticians can use these tools in a variety of applications, making them a truly indispensable item to have on hand. They're an extremely useful implement for elevating your treatment services. Your clients will love how amazing they feel, and you may want to keep a pair at home for yourself, too! Calm and soothe skin after waxing Provide a refreshing, cool finish to facials Help tighten skin and reduce large pores Reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation from extractions, peels, microdermabrasion, and more Relieve puffy eyes and...

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Join Us in Supporting Prevention and a Cure

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Hello wax friends, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Throughout the year, we strive to give to organizations that inspire and accomplish meaningful change and progress in their respective field. This month, we are happy to be contributing to breast cancer awareness by donating a portion of your purchases with us to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the U.S. According to Charity Navigator, an invaluable resource for determining if an organization is efficiently utilizing donated dollars towards the purpose of their cause, 91.9 cents of every dollar raised for BCRF goes toward...

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Spa Marketing Ideas: 9 Easy Tips to Promote Your Day Spa


This article was originally posted on SignPost by Pamela Jacobson. In the highly competitive and crowded day spa industry, effective marketing can make or break your business.  Typically, spa and salon business tends to fluctuate from one season to the next, and from year to year.  An effective marketing plan can help you get through the thin times, and make the most of the good ones. Before you start raising your prices in order to pay for an expensive marketing campaign, however, consider these simple but essential low cost ideas to help your customers find you, encourage them to visit, and keep them coming...

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Add a touch of honey this fall

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What's on Your Fall Spa Service Menu? We often associate Pumpkin, Apples, Cranberries, Cinnamon, and Ginger with Autumn, but let's not forget Honey! From Pumpkin Facials and Peels to Cranberry Apple Scrubs, there are many spa products to choose from that incorporate these ingredients, making it easy to infuse your spa with the pleasures of Autumn. Epillyss Natural Honey Wax is not only a great choice to use for waxing all year round, but it also falls in line with an autumn theme for your hair removal services. Epillyss Honey Strip Wax is formulated with many beneficial properties ensuring a gentle, comfortable...

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