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Cirepil by Perron Rigot - FAQ's

Cirepil Waxing

Who are we? What is different about Cirépil® Hard (Non-Strip) Wax? Patented Stripless Bead Low Heat, Gentle on the Skin Easy to Use, Easy to Refill Easy to Melt, Easy to Apply Never Brittle! I’ve never seen wax beads before. What are they, what do I do with them, how do I use them? Easy to use — pour into an empty tin Easy to refill — refill your tin with beads as needed Easy to melt — put tin of beads in your Cirépil Happy Heater, adjust heat setting accordingly What is stripless wax, what does it mean? Cirépil...

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Epillyss Pre & Post Wax Care Recommendations

Epillyss Waxing

Recommended Pre and Post Wax Care for Epillyss Soft / Strip Waxes: Using proper pre-depilatory products to prepare your clients' skin for waxing and post-depilatory products to calm and soothe your clients' skin after waxing ensures your clients get the best results from your wax service. Cleanse the area with Epillyss Germicidal Lotion (antiseptic, non-drying, alcohol-free). Allow to dry. It's important to use a non-drying, alcohol-free (or low alcohol) pre-depilatory cleansing product so that it doesn’t constrict the hair follicle, making the hair more resistant to removal or breakage. If your clients' skin is too moist or perspiring, you may apply...

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Just Add Chocolate

Business Epillyss Waxing

With Valentine's Days right around the corner, many day spas and salons are preparing for their fun, festive chocolate-themed services: anti-aging chocolate facials, sensual cocoa oil massages, luxurious chocolaty body masks, softening mani-pedi chocolate scrubs and more! In keeping with the spirit of all things Cupid, set yourself apart and treat your waxing clients to a deluxe hair removal experience with Chocolate Wax. You'll both enjoy the subtle, chocolaty aroma gently dispersed by Epillyss Chocolate Soft Wax. Not only does it's light, natural scent smell delicious, it's an excellent choice for sensitive skin. If you haven't yet experienced this creamy, gentle, effective...

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Vote for your favorite in all things skin care

Epillyss Store news Waxing

We're excited to have been nominated again for the 2016 Dermascope Aestheticians' Choice Awards! Many of you purchase your wax applicators with us. And now, our wax applicators (an essential tool in waxing!) have been nominated for the Best Hair Removal Implement category. Last year, we were nominated and featured as a Favorite Hair Removal Accessory with the Zestasol Wax Cleaner (definitely an essential item to have on hand in your salon & spa). Additionally, we're excited that Epillyss has been nominated again for Favorite Soft (Strip) Wax. Epillyss won the 2015 Aetheticians' Choice Award for Favorite Soft Wax, so let's make it a...

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Icy Facial Globes - Check Out This Cool Tool!


Effective. Refreshing. Simple. Enhance your skin care services with versatile, easy to use Magic Globes. Estheticians can use these tools in a variety of applications, making them a truly indispensable item to have on hand. They're an extremely useful implement for elevating your treatment services. Your clients will love how amazing they feel, and you may want to keep a pair at home for yourself, too! Calm and soothe skin after waxing Provide a refreshing, cool finish to facials Help tighten skin and reduce large pores Reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation from extractions, peels, microdermabrasion, and more Relieve puffy eyes and...

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