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Business Waxing

It's important esthetic professionals help their customers get the best results from waxing so they’ll have a great experience and become a loyal customer. Doing what you can to ensure a smooth appointment accompanied with ideal results encourages your client to stick to waxing and become a repeat customer. And, ideally, they'll happily spread the word about your great service!   Waxing tips your clients need to know: Do: Let your technician know if you are using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, or any other skin care product containing AHA's. These ingredients will cause your skin to be ultra-sensitive, leading to too much...

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For Estheticians: How to Open Your Own Skin Care Business


We love this article by Renée Rouleau. She provides detailed insight on many aspects that come into play when venturing out on your own. Find advice, considerations, and tips to consider for the entrepreneurial-minded esthetician: So many estheticians I meet who are just starting their careers will tell me their dream is to open their own skin care practice someday. As someone who has owned their own skin care company for 24 years (five while in Boston and now 18 in Dallas), I know a thing or two about how to go about doing this. I want to start my own skin...

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