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Are you a professional looking for a hair removal wax formulated with all natural ingredients and free of any added colors or fragrances? The great news is all of Epillyss soft waxes are formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients. Epillyss waxes do not contain synthetic fragrance. Instead, they are formulated with essential oils giving them a light, luscious scent. Looking for a wax without any added colors? We've got some options for you. Here are our picks for truly natural waxes sans fragrance and sans color.

Epillyss Sensitive Skin WaxEpillyss Sensitive Skin Wax - Soon to be renamed to "Cocooning," this is our most economical wax! It's currently available in 20 oz and 24 oz containers - limited stock remaining in 16 oz. It contains hydrating marine collagen and has a milky gel texture that glides on easily and thinly. It's ideal for full body waxing and great for all skin types. Use it wherever you want to use a strip wax such as legs, back, chest, lip, eyebrows, underarms. As with all Epillyss waxes, it's very low-temperature making it less inflammatory and very comfortable for your clients.

Epillyss White QueenEpillyss White Queen Cream Wax - This is a creamy white wax with zinc oxide for your most sensitive clients. Available in 20 and 24 oz containers. We find this to be one of our most comfortable waxes when being removed. Love it for leg waxes! The zinc oxide helps protect the skin while minimizing redness, irritation, and post-depilatory breakouts. Naturally, it's ideal for full body waxing and all skin types. Use it anywhere you want to use a soft, strip wax. Again, it's low-temperature so it's super comfortable when applied. Use firm pressure and always use the edge of the spatula to spread it thinly.

Cirepil Natural Vegetale WaxCirepil Vegetale Gel Strip Wax - We think this wax is underrated! Available in a 14 oz can, this wax is formulated with natural ingredients and has no artificial fragrance or colors. This lovely and naturally transparent green wax is low-temperature and glides on the skin oh-so-easily. Like the above waxes, it removes hair efficiently and is ideal for full body waxing and all skin types. Ideal for large areas! With Cirepil waxes, it's recommended to apply a very light application of oil to prep the skin after cleansing and before applying the wax. This lightly conditions and protects the skin, not only allowing the Cirepil waxes to work better, but makes them slightly more comfortable for your client when removed as well.

Honey WaxAnother all natural wax option would be Epillyss Natural Honey wax. Epillyss Honey is a wonderful, economical choice without sacrificing quality. It's highly effective and so much more gentle on your clients' skin compared to other "Honey" waxes on the market. Limited Supply remaining!

Epillyss Sugaring PasteWhile not a wax, let's not forget Sugar Paste - an absolutely natural (even edible!) hair removal product made with sugar, water, and lemon juice. Are you a Sugarista or wanting to offer Sugaring services as an alternative to wax? Epillyss has a fantastic Sugar Paste in a 35 oz container available in different formulations. Limited quantities available, so be sure to check it out!

Not only are these waxes all natural, they're absolutely efficient at removing all types making your job easier and your clients happier. Remember, it's not just about removing the hair, but leaving healthy skin behind. While Epillyss Soft waxes may be more gentle and less harsh on your clients' skin, technique is prime when it comes to your clients' overall results and experience from the wax service.

May we help you with additional questions about Epillyss or Cirepil? Ask in the comments below!

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