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Who are we?

What is different about Cirépil® Hard (Non-Strip) Wax?

  • Patented Stripless Bead
  • Low Heat, Gentle on the Skin
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Refill
  • Easy to Melt, Easy to Apply
  • Never Brittle!
I’ve never seen wax beads before. What are they, what do I do with them, how do I use them?
  • Easy to use — pour into an empty tin
  • Easy to refill — refill your tin with beads as needed
  • Easy to melt — put tin of beads in your Cirépil Happy Heater, adjust heat setting accordingly

What is stripless wax, what does it mean?

Cirépil Non-Strip/Stripless Wax (also known as hard, hot or bead wax) is applied then removed without the use of a pellon (paper) or muslin (cotton) strip. Once applied it hardens around the hair and is peeled off. More efficient and more economical!

How thick do I apply Cirépil® hard wax?

Using a disposable spatula, apply the wax in a thin, even layer with firm pressure leaving a slightly thicker edge for ease of removal. Using firm pressures helps to ensure the hair is well entrapped in the wax for removal. Depending on the wax, it'll be about a dime or nickel thickness.

After I apply Cirépil® hard wax, how long do I wait before I remove the wax?

Cirépil hard wax will be ready to remove within seconds, the thicker edge may take an additional few seconds to set up. Room and body temperature will affect the setup time. You can press the wax with a rolling press of your hand to further help the wax adhere to the hair and test the readiness of the wax to be removed.

I’m new to waxing, if I miss an area, can I reapply the Cirépil® Wax?

If needed, Cirépil Non-Strip Wax can be reapplied to the same area as long as the client is showing no signs of hypersensitivity (usually 2-3 times).

How long does the hair have to be before I can wax my client?

Cirépil Strip Wax can pick up hair as short as 7 days outgrowth (about 1/8"). For optimum results, we recommend 1/4” or 10-14 days post shaving when using a strip or non-strip wax.

Do I really need the entire “Happy Waxing®” System for successful hair removal?

The use of Cirépil “Happy Waxing System” is essential to ensure a complete, successful and relaxing wax service. It’s EASY as 1, 2, 3!

* For the hypersensitive client, apply Cirepil Pre Wax Cooling Gel prior to waxing for a desensitizing effect.

Which wax should I use?

  • Cirepil BLUE - All Purpose, fluid gel texture for all areas and hair types. The Original Blue Wax Beads - often imitated, but never duplicated!
  • Cirepil CRISTALLINE - Hypoallergenic, ultra-fluid gel texture. For Highly Sensitive Skin and all hair types, including very fine hair. Great for facial waxing!
  • Cirepil INTIMATE 4 - Gentle, creamy texture for all hair and skin types. Antibacterial, anti-irritation, desensitizing and calming formula.
  • Cirepil ESCENTIAL ROSE - Creamy texture with a delicate rose scent. Effective on all hair types including short, shaved hair.

Which wax is good for sensitive skin?

Cirepil Cristalline WaxHard waxes, in general, are ideal for sensitive skin. Although all Cirépil Waxes are low heat and gentle, the best choice for sensitive skin is Cirépil Cristalline. Fragrance-free, rosin-free, beeswax-free and hypoallergenic.

Cirepil Cashmere WaxAnother recommendation would be Cirepil's newest hard wax - Cashmere with a light, allergen-free fragrance. Like Cristalline, it's excellent for all areas, all hair types and all skin types. Can be spread thinly, yielding more wax treatments per bag!

When I am melting the wax, does the entire tin need to melt before I can begin waxing?

No. A solid ball of wax should remain in the center of the tin when melting Cirépil Non-Strip Wax. You then dip the applicator in the melted wax surrounding the ball. Always test the wax temperature on your inner wrist before you begin your wax treatment.

I already have a heater, will your wax tin work with and fit in it?

Cirepil Happy HeaterThe Cirépil Wax Tin may fit into some heaters, but not all. It is important the tin fits properly into the heater and is thermostatically controlled to assure and maintain the correct melting temperature. Among others, Cirepil wax cans and tins will fit in the Happy Heater, Original Melting Pot, and Equipro Heaters with a 4" tank.

What number should the Cirépil® Happy Heater be set at?

The average setting is between 4 and 5.5 (may vary according to the temperature of your room). Always test temperature before applying wax on your client.

Do I have to use Wax Ring Collars?

Wax CollarsWax Ring Collars minimize the risk of wax spilling into the heating chamber of the wax pot. They help to keep your wax warmer clean and prevent damage. Once the collar has accumulated any stray wax, it's easy to discard the ring and place a new one in between clients to keep your heater fresh and clean!

How many tins does one 800g bag of beads fill? How about the 400g beads?

  • An 800g bag of Cirépil Beads will fill an empty 400g tin twice.
  • A 400g bag of Cirépil beads will fill an empty tin once.

Why is it called “Happy Waxing®”?

With Cirépil, painful waxing is a thing of the past! Why?

  • Cirépil Wax adheres to the hair and not to the skin, greatly reducing the discomfort of waxing. There's less pull on the skin.
  • Cirépil Wax encapsulates the hair removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged, meaning less redness, less irritation, less ingrown hair and no sticky residue!
  • By using a highly effective wax, clients will experience smoother and longer lasting results! With the Cirepil 3 Step System, clients will feel the difference and enjoy a Happy Waxing treatment. :)

Can we help you with additional questions about Cirepil? Ask in the comments section below!

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  • Denise White

    I would like to know how can I make my wax thick & just stand on the spatula

  • The Wax Connection

    Hi Sharon, consultation is extremely important prior to performing a wax service on a new client. Determining what the client’s experience is with waxing is one of the questions that should be on an intake form. Contraindications should be listed on the intake form and taken into consideration as well. Skin analysis is also a determining factor to whether or not a patch test is necessary. Additionally, whenever performing a first-time waxing, we suggest applying a small amount of wax on the inside of clients arm to allow them to know how warm the wax will be and how it is likely to feel when removed (even though no hair may be in that area). Ask questions and make recommendations for after care as well. An after care handout would be perfect. When in doubt, always air on the side of caution and test.

  • The Wax Connection

    Hi Maryann, the waxes do need to be heated in a wax warmer. Cirepil wax cans and tins will fit in the Happy Heater, Original Melting Pot, and Equipro Heaters with a 4" tank. As long as you have a heater with a 4" tank, it should work.

  • Sharon

    Hi, does the client need a patch test before treatment?

  • maryann

    i do not have the warmer. is there any other way i can warm up the wax for use?

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