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Epillyss has discontinued the 16 oz size containers of Epillyss Soft Wax and has discontinued all Epillyss Hard Waxes.

If we're out of stock in the 16 oz size of an Epillyss Soft Wax or Epillyss Hard Wax, we will not be getting in more. The 16 oz size has been replaced by the new, more economical 24 oz size containers. The 24 oz size is the same width as the 16 oz, but as tall as the Epillyss 20 oz containers. You'll be getting a better value per oz with the 24 oz containers.

Dimensions of Epillyss Wax Containers:

  • 16 oz: 3 3/4" wide by 3 1/2" tall - DISCONTINUED
  • 20 oz: 3 1/4" wide by 4 3/4" tall
  • 24 oz: 3 3/4" wide by 4 3/4" tall

Cost per ounce analysis at regular price. Take advantage of our Volume Pricing (Bulk Discounts) for an even better value:

Epillyss Wax Name 16 oz Cost/Oz 24 oz Cost/Oz
Freelyss Cream Wax $1.31/oz $1.05/oz
Millenia Gel Wax $1.37/oz $1.06/oz
Novatherm Gel Wax $1.37/oz $1.06/oz
Sensor Gel Wax $1.31/oz $1.02/oz
Sensitive Skin Wax $1.05/oz $0.86/oz
White Queen Cream Wax $1.17/oz $0.92/oz

If you are currently using Epillyss 16 oz containers and do not wish to switch to the taller 24 oz containers, we suggest considering Cirepil 14 oz cans as an alternative. Cirepil 14 oz cans are slightly wider and slightly shorter than Epillyss 16 oz containers. We suggest using wax collars with Cirepil cans.

Here are the cross-recommendations if you're considering switching from Epillyss to Cirepil:

If You're Using: Consider: Cirepil 14 oz Can
Freelyss Cream Wax Cirepil Ease Cirepil Ease Wax
Millenia Gel Wax Cirepil Forte Cirepil Forte Wax
Novatherm Gel Wax Cirepil Cristal Ocean Cirepil Cristal Ocean Wax
Sensor Gel Wax Cirepil Cristal Ocean Cirepil Cristal Ocean Wax
Sensitive Skin Wax Cirepil Vegetale Cirepil Cristal Ocean Wax
White Queen Cream Wax Cirepil Nacree Blanche Cirepil Nacree Blanche


HARD WAX: Need to find a replacement for your Epillyss Hard Wax? You could literally choose any of the Cirepil Hard waxes and it will make an ideal replacement.

Do you have more questions or concerns about this change? Please contact us and we'll do our best to help you.

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