Epillyss Pre & Post Wax Care Recommendations

Epillyss Waxing

Recommended Pre and Post Wax Care for Epillyss Soft / Strip Waxes:

Using proper pre-depilatory products to prepare your clients' skin for waxing and post-depilatory products to calm and soothe your clients' skin after waxing ensures your clients get the best results from your wax service.

  1. Cleanse the area with Epillyss Germicidal Lotion (antiseptic, non-drying, alcohol-free). Allow to dry. It's important to use a non-drying, alcohol-free (or low alcohol) pre-depilatory cleansing product so that it doesn’t constrict the hair follicle, making the hair more resistant to removal or breakage.
  2. If your clients' skin is too moist or perspiring, you may apply a very light layer of Epillyss Microtalc Powder on the skin to absorb excess moisture. This provides a protective barrier between the wax and the skin, hence preventing the wax from sticking too much to moist skin. It can also assist you in identifying the direction of hair growth. Do not use powder on clients with very dry skin.
  3. Excessively dry skin is not ideal for waxing. If your client has skin that’s too dry (dehydrated), apply a very light application (a couple of drops on your glove) of Epillyss Azulen Oil and massage well into the skin. This helps to better condition the skin for waxing. It's very important not to apply too much oil, as that will prevent the wax from adhering to the hair. If too much oil is applied, blot away excess with a tissue.
  4. Following the wax treatment, cleanse the area again with non-burning Epillyss Germicidal Lotion to kill any bacteria. This is especially helpful to avoid breakouts some clients may experience after waxing (such as on upper lip, backs, chest, etc). You may wish to follow the cleansing with:
    a) Epillyss Post-Wax Aloe Gel (cooling, gently hydrating, and antibacterial)
    b) Epillyss Azulen Oil (soothing)
    c) Epillyss Vitamin E Cream – a great hydrating, restorative product helpful for those with very dry skin

Recommended Pre and Post Wax Care for Hard Waxes:

Same as above. If the client has very dry skin, after cleansing the area with Epillyss Germicidal Lotion (or other non-drying product), apply the slightest amount (a couple of drops on your glove) of Azulen Oil and massage well into the skin. Blot away excess with a tissue if necessary, as the wax will not properly adhere to the hair if it’s left too oily. Properly hydrated and conditioned skin is essential for the best performance of any wax.

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