Icy Facial Globes - Check Out This Cool Tool!


Effective. Refreshing. Simple.

Cryo Magic Facial GlobesEnhance your skin care services with versatile, easy to use Magic Globes. Estheticians can use these tools in a variety of applications, making them a truly indispensable item to have on hand. They're an extremely useful implement for elevating your treatment services. Your clients will love how amazing they feel, and you may want to keep a pair at home for yourself, too!

  • Calm and soothe skin after waxing
  • Provide a refreshing, cool finish to facials
  • Help tighten skin and reduce large pores
  • Reduce redness, inflammation, and irritation from extractions, peels, microdermabrasion, and more
  • Relieve puffy eyes and sinus pressure

How to Use:

Store your Magic Globes in a refrigerator. Use the Magic Globes by applying a rolling motion over the face, back, neck, hands or feet. Simply wipe clean with alcohol to disinfect and they're ready for the next use!

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