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Epillyss Millenia Hard Wax 16 oz.

Epillyss Millenia Hard Wax 16 oz.

Epillyss Millenia Hard Wax 16 oz.
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Great for Speed Waxing!

Millenia Hard Stripless Wax is designed especially for No-Strip Brazilian and Bikini depilatory action. Like its sister wax, Millenia Soft Strip Wax, you can tackle the most difficult and strong hairs with ease. Even small, short hairs do not stand a chance in the path of this product. Millenia will cool faster, thus binding instantly to thicker hairs. This wax sets up very quickly, so be prepared to remove it very shortly after applicationThe antiseptic, antibacterial, and soothing properties of Lavender Essential Oil and Pineapple Extract make this wax perfect for hair removal in the most intimate zones. Use in Underarm, Bikini, and other sensitive areas where using a hard wax is preferred.

MILLENIA HARD WAX is Packaged in Two Convenient Ways:

BOLERO, A Unique Container - (as shown above)
Arising out of a patented alloy of ceramic, plastic, and fibreglass, Epillyss' Bolero is a unique wax container fitted for both microwave ovens and wax heaters. It's a great time-saver in wax preparation. Bolero can be handled easily and its plastic sealing cap ensures the properties of the wax are preserved when the wax is not in use. Furthermore, the special snap-on collars keep the wax in the container to ensure cleanliness of your workspace (the collar is included FREE with each can of wax you purchase).

Muffin Refills (Pucks) - (see Millenia Hard Wax Muffin Refills 4 x 8.8 oz for details)
This convenient tray holds four 8.8 oz pucks and mimics the appearance of a muffin tray. These pucks easily pop out of their tray for easy insertion into a small Hard Wax Pot with anti-heat handle or simply drop them in your existing Bolero container when it is at least half empty. Investing in a Hard Wax Pot with a sturdy handle facilitates a safe way to move the wax and/or interchange the wax with other wax products.

Purchasing Millenia Hard Wax Muffin Refills is a great savings for you! You get more bang for your buck when you buy the puck because you get more wax per dollar spent! (Price Comparison: $18.69 for one 16 oz. Bolero container = $1.17/oz. VS. $28.62 for one 35.2 oz. pack of Muffin Refills = .81¢/oz!)

  • Get 15% Off Your Wax Order When You Purchase 6 or more cans of any hard wax.
    (For Millenia Hard Wax 16 oz, that's $15.89/can)

  • OR, Get 26% Off Your Wax Order When You Purchase 24 or more cans of any hard wax.
    (For Millenia Hard Wax 16 oz, that's $13.83/can)

(Must order 6+ or 24+ cans from one category of wax for quantity discount to apply)

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
This Wax Rocks!Fast, efficient hair removal plus most clients agree it is the least painful waxing they've ever had. The hard wax sets up quick for Brazilians and the soft Millenia can get very short hairs that other brands can't. Written by Bare It All Waxing Studio & Spa on Thu 10 Apr 2014 8:58:14 PM GMT
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